And so it begins…

Well, I really want to run a clean, professional, respectful campaign. However, it’s come to my attention that someone who is NOT EVEN RUNNING against me is campaigning against me. Why? They call me a “voicewriter” and that is the only thing (apparently) that this person has against me. Even though I’m a court reporter who sometimes voices and sometimes stenos. My challenger is a person who works for a major 1-800 firm and contract player. This person says he’d rather vote for the challenger because “she says” she’s antiumbrella group and anticontracting. Um, so you’d rather vote for someone who works for a company whose ethics she’s against versus someone who, for reasons of a physical ailment, sometimes chooses another method to report the record.

I’m a court reporter. I love my profession. When my body said “STOP DOING THIS BECAUSE IT HURTS,” I listened. On days when my tendinitis flares, I have the ability to take the record another way. I don’t lose my job. I don’t have to take a day of vacation. AND I DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN MY BEHAVIOR TO ANYONE.

My court reporting career should speak for itself. My record on giving, on teaching, on mentoring, on leadership, on advanced certifications, and on sheer passion should outweigh the fact that sometimes, not every day, I don’t use my steno machine.

I hope that none of you out there develop carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, or some other physical ailment that precludes you from working in the profession you love (like losing part of a finger, perhaps?) – and that you have the courage to recognize that fear is no basis on which to make a decision.