Traveling for Work

I love to travel. Being able to travel for work is amazing. I’ve got some great clients who actually bring me with them to assist in their work. I’ve been able to see some great places (the Peace Palace!) and do very interesting work.

The hardest parts of the travel for work are the long days and the inability to really move much. We’re up early for breakfast, and then to set up our room (or re-set) and get the outputs ready for the day. Then it’s eight or nine hours of on-record time. Then it’s another three or so hours to wrap up the final transcript. By then, dinner, well, usually it’s room service or from the in-hotel restaurant.

Doing what we do, we’re seated all day. There’s really little opportunity to get up and move around much, and even though many places we travel to offer the opportunity to walk around, well, at night, it’s a little iffy for a foreigner.

I find myself adding a day on the end of the trips to just recuperate after a long assignment, to take in the flavor of the locale, and, frankly, to sleep in a bit. There’s usually a pretty long day of travel between me and my home, and that can be challenging too.

The best part of the down day is just the lightness of spirit – knowing that we’ve done a great job and that there is nothing on my plate that needs to be done NOW! I only have to relax and enjoy the locale.

This time it was Paris. City of Light. I had one day to wander about the 5th and savor the sights, the sounds, the smells of a city I really enjoy. Although I’m not TOTALLY refreshed, I’ll be in a much better frame of mind and body to take on that trans-Atlantic flight.

I hope you get a chance to travel for your work. It’s a challenge and a true gift.