Intersteno Champion

Intersteno (formally known as the International Federation for Information and Communication Processing) is an international group of information processing professionals who discuss the challenges and technology changes in the field every other year at their biennial Congress. It is a vibrant group with participants as young as 8 years old and who participate in all manner of text production skills.

Court Reporters and CART-captioners have a subset membership group called IPRS (Intersteno Parliamentary and other Reporters Section) who have specific group meetings where they discuss keeping the record and displaying live text in their respective countries.

Tori has participated in two Congresses, 2013 (Ghent) and 2015 (Budapest), and has competed in the Speech Capturing competitions. The speech capturing is a 15-minute dictation at incrementally increasing speed. Competitors transcribe their test dictation and are graded by syllabic content accuracy. Winners are tabulated in age groupings and in method groupings. Tori participated in the voice reporting competition and won the gold medal at both the Ghent and Budapest competitions. She participated in the realtime competition in Budapest but did not medal.

Intersteno 2017 will be in Berlin, Germany. For more information on Intersteno, please visit the following sites: