Movie Day

Sunday was supposed to be a day of “weather” – meaning rain here in the desert. So we decided to go to a movie and the mall.

We saw “Golden Compass” – we LOVED it! Excellent fantasy story, great CGI. Fun stuff. I do understand, though, some of the concerns of the religious groups (this was a toned-down version of the book, from what I understand). We’ve gone to the bookstore and gotten the series – which I understand is much more anti-religion. I’ll be reading it when I get back home.

We also shopped the Park Place Mall – very nice! I only brought one pair of jeans and two pairs of sweats; while it’s fine for traveling, I felt conspicuously underdressed. Darn, gotta go shopping! Two blouses and a new pair of jeans later, I’m feeling much more comfortable.

We found a great barbecue restaurant for dinner.

A nice evening back at the RV… but no rain on Sunday!