A Little About Me

There is more to life than work, and a well-rounded individual should have some creative outlets.


My husband and I have been married since 1989 and are college sweethearts. He’s been my biggest supporter since I embarked on this career in May of 1990. As a member of law enforcement, he has a unique insight into and understanding of what court reporters do and the importance of the record. He’s been my cheerleader, my administrative assistant, my computer geek, and now he’s learning how to be my scopist. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to accompany me on my journey.

Family & Friends

I am fortunate that my family and friends are spread out across the country. Most are just a quick plane trip away. My mother is an Upstate New York snowbird who spends her winters in Naples, FL. My brother lives in Music City (Nashville) and my in-laws live in Chapel Hill, Boulder, and Croton-on-Hudson. I have been blessed with excellent friends from high school and college as well as professional colleague-friends that I’ve developed throughout the 25 years I’ve been involved in the profession. I think I could travel the country and never stay in a hotel because of the enduring friendships that I’ve made over the years.


As evidenced by the handle I chose for my blog (stenotraveler), I love to travel. I was exposed to both national and international travel in my youth, and I attempt to keep that wanderlust satisfied every year. From a trip to Europe after high school, our Spain/Portugal honeymoon, and a trip to Scotland’s highlands to Intersteno and national conventions, travel is a way for me to recharge and continue my lifelong learning experience.


Whenever we travel, we love to try the local cuisine. Sometimes we even try to deconstruct it so that it can be made at home. We’ve been to Michelin-rated restaurants and eaten at food trucks, had espresso at a French café and picked up food at a Budapest market. The trick is to try everything, eat fresh and local, and be willing to experience the flavors.

Outdoor Activities

A walk in the woods can clear your head and center you. My favorites have been a walk in the Scottish highlands described in the guidebook as “Himalayan in character” with the reward being a stunning waterfall and a walk near Lake Tahoe that brought us through several different ecospheres. Walking in 5k races is also something I enjoy doing. Though I’ve tried other lengths (10k, half marathons) and other events (sprint triathlon), a little 3-mile walk is just the right length for me.