My New Marketing Theme

It’s been a little while since I developed my Web page and worked with branding.  I’ve now got a few irons in that fire, as it were.  I’ve recently done a mailing for my transcription business (be on the lookout!) and I’ve got my new business cards designed.

My original scoping company used black on white.  My first reporting company used green and black on ivory.  This time I’m going bold.  I believe after 20 years in the business, I want to show that I do stand out.  So I’m going with a nice cranberry color with black and white – and just a hint of “gold” as a little nod to my pretty medal.

My cards and marketing aren’t the only thing making me stand out, I hope.  I think I produce an excellent transcript and give wonderful customer service.  I hope my clients find me personable and professional at the same time.   I think my cards will represent my personality.  I can’t wait to hand them out.  See you at a deposition, or a meeting, or a hearing…