Professional Services

ATTORNEYS:  When you are ready to schedule a court reporter for your deposition, hearing, or examination under oath, please contact Tori at Your assignment will be calendared immediately. Please have available all notice information along with approximate duration of the matter, delivery needs, and if you’ll need special services like a videographer or translator.

Please notify the deponent that they will be required to provide government-issued identification before being sworn in as delineated in the Notary Statute.

All transcripts are produced and delivered in PDF electronic format. Original transcripts are printed, bound, and sealed for later use in court proceedings. Exhibits are scanned and delivered with the electronic transcript. A secure file server (ShareFile©) is used for rapid transfer of documents and US Mail is used for hard copy and disk delivery.

CD transcription of state court recordings from district and some superior court matters is also available. Tori is on the list of AOC-approved transcribers and has attend the AOC training sessions so you may rest assured that your transcript will be completed with utmost care and according to the AOC transcript guidelines.

REPORTERS: If you are looking for an experienced Eclipse scopist, Tori has performed scoping services for over 20 years. She is capable of working with you doing shared editing via Connection Magic or standard transcription.

SOFTWARE TRAINING: Tori is an approved EclipseCAT trainer and will be happy to organize specialized training whether in one-on-one sessions, small groups, or large trainings.

STATE LEADERS AND EDUCATORS: If you are looking for an educational program regarding the court reporting profession, chances are good that Tori has developed one. Tori can teach about the business of reporting, working as a voice writer (or transitioning to becoming one), using EclipseCAT software, and she can also speak to attorneys about tips to making the best record and working with court reporters. If you have an idea for a seminar, please feel free to request it.


CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM A LOCAL AGENCY: Tori provides court reporting service locally and throughout the state of North Carolina. If requested, personal referrals to court reporters in other states are available