The Freelance Life

Being a freelancer gives you, well, freedom.  It’s been a wonderful “holiday” season – I’ve had a few transcripts to get out, but I’ve been having a lovely time visiting with family and friends.  Yes, I would have been able to take time off had I been working a full-time job (say, with the State), but I didn’t have anywhere near the time I’ve taken already (since 12/23) and that I have yet to take (perhaps until the 18th?).  The liberation I am feeling is awesome!

Of course, my cash flow for February will probably take a bit of a hit, but how do you quantify the quality of life?

I’m looking forward to getting back to work – eventually.  In the meantime, I love the ability to do my editing on a netbook computer with a WiFi connection, and the ability to finalize transcripts on the Web.

Happy Freelancing!