Vote For Tori

Tori Pittman, BA, FAPR, RDR, CRI
Candidate for Director

Dear Colleagues:

Whether you plan to attend the convention in Chicago or vote from home, this year’s Direct Member Voting ballot asks you to make many choices, not only on bylaws amendments, but also on who will be seated on NCRA’s Board of Directors.  As the Nominating Committee’s choice for a Director’s seat (one of three in this class, but the only one contested), I ask for your vote.  I love court reporting and would be honored to serve you for the next three years.  Please let me share with you my background.


  • 1986 Graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History, with concentrations in ancient history and modern European history. I was manager of both the men’s and women’s varsity swim teams during my years at Carolina.
  • In 1998, I received an AAS in Court Reporting & Captioning from LCC in Kinston, NC.  I served as president of the court reporting club and was honored to be inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the two-year college honor society.
  • Professional Experience:  In 1990, I became the office manager of a boutique freelance court reporting agency based in Raleigh, NC. I learned the nuts and bolts of running a successful court reporting company, from scheduling to production, accounts receivable to payroll.  In 1992, I transitioned into scoping for court reporters across the country.  In 1996, after Hurricane Fran hit eastern North Carolina, I began court reporting school. My teacher is still my mentor to this day.  While in school, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I finished my last 225 on the day I had my last radiation treatment.  Since 1999, I have been a freelance reporter, a CART provider for educational and governmental institutional clients and, now, since 2008, an official court reporter.


  • RPR in 2002. RMR in 2004. CRI in 2005. RDR in 2005.  CRR… hopefully soon!


  • Since 2003, I have served in leadership of NCCRA, first as secretary/treasurer, then vice president, and then president (term ended 2009). I also had many committee assignments, including convention planning, licensure, newsletter, and various other committees over the years.
  • Since 2000, I have participated in many NCRA committees, including the Online Forum Committee, Membership Telemarketing (renewals), Foundation, and served as the Chair of the New Professionals Community of Interest for four years.  I attended NCRA’s Boot Camp three times and Leadership twice, and have attended every NCRA Annual convention since 1998.
  • I currently mentor several students and new professionals as they enter upon their new careers and serve on the advisory committee for the court reporting program at Lenoir Community College in Kinston, NC.

Court reporting is my passion. I don’t think there is a single aspect of this career path that I’ve chosen that I don’t like. The daily challenge, the opportunity to learn, the ability to travel, and the friendships that have blessed my life since I embarked on this journey have been some of the best gifts of my life.  It would be an honor and a privilege to serve you on NCRA’s Board of Directors.  Please, when you cast your vote this August 5, mark your ballot for me, Victoria L. Pittman.  Thank you.

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