Working with a New Web Host

I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a while.  One reason is that I’ve been incredibly busy, for which I’m truly grateful.  The other reason is that when we switched from using a format I was used to, I found myself putting off learning how to use the new format.  So here we are, two years later, trying to learn.


So much has happened since 2012 that all I can really say is thank you to my clients.  I’ve been taken overseas to work as a scopist.  I’ve added a couple of new reporters as as clients.  I’ve been called to cover some really great reporting assignments.  I’ve even given a program or two.  And, of course, I won that shiny gold medal.  (To this day, I’m still in shock!)

In the next few months I’ll be adding more content to my Web site, both for use as a research tool for my friends who are interested in voice reporting and also for my colleagues who would like access to some of my Power Point presentations.  This is DEFINITELY a work in progress, but now that I’m IN Word Press, I promise to take those baby steps into learning how to use it more effectively.