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2017: ”A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes…”

Posted By Tori Pittman

We’ve all bought into the “new year, new you” hype of resolutions and making changes in January. I don’t know that I like the term “resolution” because it seems harsh, and yet a “wish” is too soft. Somewhere between the two lies what can be done without putting too high of expectations on yourself (and the inevitable internal beat-down when you falter), but still forcing yourself to be accountable.

In my business, 2017 is a transition year. I’ve got some plans and some helpers to aid me in getting those plans off the ground. Then it’s up to me to do the hard work to turn those dreams/wishes into a viable reality.

My plan is to be more focused in my marketing campaign, to use subcontractors to assist me, and to redifine my realtime skills such that passing that elusive certification becomes reality.

The trick is going to be doing a little bit for each of these goals every day and to recognize that the results may not be seen for quite a while. But if you stick to it – as with any “resolution” you make at New Year’s – odds are better that you’ll meet your intended outcome.

May your “wishes” for 2017 come true… with a little sweat and elbow grease.