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What Do the Letters Mean?

The National Court Reporters Association and the National Verbatim Reporters Association have certification examinations that test practitioners of the reporting trade.  Below is a list of what the certifications mean, and which ones Tori possesses.  Each of the “takes” described at speeds is for five minutes in a controlled environment, with no audio backup to refer back to, solely your steno notes or dictated voice file.

RPR, Registered Professional Reporter (NCRA’s entry-level certification)

RMR, Registered Merit Reporter  (NCRA’s advanced certification)

RDR, Registered Diplomate Reporter (NCRA’s highest reporting knowledge certification)

RCP, Registered CART Provider (NVRA’s CART certification)

CRI, Certified Reporting Instructor (NCRA’s certificate for educating reporting professionals)

FAPR, Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters (NCRA’s nomination-only award for those reporters who have contributed to the profession through leadership, publication, service, and certification)

CVR, Certified Verbatim Reporter (NVRA’s entry-level certification)

CM, Certificate of Merit (NVRA’s advanced certification)

M, Master (NVRA’s designation of a reporter who has passed the above tests at higher speeds than those currently in use as of 2012)