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With twenty years of experience in court reporting and stenography services, Pittman Stenography is the premiere choice for law firms and corporations. If you are seeking an award-winning company with top-notch professionalism and international reach, Pittman Stenography can help your company or firm.

Court Reporting

Pittman Stenography has been performing court reporting services for over twenty years. If you are looking for experienced court reporters in Raleigh, our firm employs the highest trained professionals in the business. We are capable of working with your firm with shared editing via Connection Magic or standard transcription.

CD Transcription

We offer your law firm CD transcription of state court recordings from both district and some superior court matters. Our firm is on the list of AOC-approved transcribers. We are trained in AOC transcription, so you may rest assured your transcript will be completed with the utmost care and compliance to AOC transcript guidelines.


When you are ready to schedule court reporting services for your deposition, hearing, or examination under oath, please contact Pittman Stenography. Our staff will schedule your assignment immediately. To expedite scheduling, please have the following available:

  • Approximate duration of the matter
  • Delivery needs
  • Videography or Translator request

Please notify the deponent that they will be required to provide a government-issued identification before being sworn in as delineated in the Notary Statute.

All transcripts are produced and delivered in PDF electronic format. Original transcripts are printed, bound, and sealed for later use in court proceedings. Exhibits are scanned and delivered with the electronic transcript. A secure file server (ShareFile) is used for rapid transfer of documents and US Mail is used for hard copy and disk delivery.

Real-Time Transcriptions

Not every case calls for real time services, but in some cases, real time can be of added benefit in case preparation. Using state-of-the art technology, counsel is able to watch testimony appear on the screen as it happens and evaluate whether to make an objection, confirm complex testimony, and even take electronic notes with regard to case-specific issues.


Our independent court reporting firm has extensive knowledge in development of educational materials. If you are a State Leader or Educator looking for information on the court reporting profession, we have it. We can help develop informative videos and materials relating to the ins and outs of court reporting. In addition, we are capable of informational materials for EclipseCAT software.

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“I have worked with Tori and The Last Word, Inc. on numerous depositions. She is a consummate professional, both in a deposition setting and in all dealings with Carolina Custom Video. Her firm is one I recommend to other legal professionals when they are looking for court reporting services in North Carolina.”

- Bob C.

"I have worked with Tori as both a mentor and scopist extraordinaire. She comes through in a crunch, saves you time, and does impeccable work. The edited file is sent back and easy to search and check spots. The dictionary she makes with each job as she sees how you write has helped me grow my main dictionary and have better translations with each subsequent job."

- Aimee E.

"Tori never fails to go above and beyond the call of duty for her profession, her clients, and her mentees. Her leadership, skill, and dedication to the profession are admirable qualities."

- Crystal J.

"I have employed Tori as a transcriptionist to prepare court transcripts for me for appellate work on at least a dozen occasions since 2001. Her work is great, and I highly recommend her."

- Mike H.

"Tori’s work is always accurate, timely, and complete. It’s an added bonus that she’s an absolute joy to work with. I highly recommend Tori for any reporting project."

- Chris G.

“I have three basic expectations of stenographers – accuracy, invisibility, and punctuality. Pittman Stenography routinely accomplishes all three. Tori also ably and constructively works with attorneys on all sides of a case to meet their needs and is pro-active in her approach to evolving technologies in the stenographic field. A true professional.”

- Todd S

“Tori is always professional and conscientious! She helps me edit my realtime using Connection Magic, which makes my jobs that much less stressful. Even with the most difficult of jobs, she has a smile on her face!”

- Jen S.

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