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Convention Recovery Mode #1

Posted By Tori Pittman

I’ve just returned from a week in South Carolina and the National Verbatim Reporters Association annual meeting. We actually took our camper and spent some time in the lovely Paris (”Pearis”) Mountain state park on the front and back ends; a business trip with perks.

I love conventions. Even if I’m working as a vendor, I get so much out of them. The energy is amazing – speakers sharing information, colleagues reconnecting – it is inspiring.

When you get home, of course, it’s very easy to lose some of the momentum you started to build but it’s imperative to hang on to it! If you brought just one thing back with you that you wish to build on, please make the effort to incorporate it into your daily work routine. For me, it’s a renewed desire to tweak my realtime and maybe – just maybe – compete in the realtime competition in Kansas City next year.

I’ve got about eight days before I hit the next convention (NCRA in Chicago) but I hope to get myself caught up on paperwork and the business of my business AND to start implementing those few changes that I want to embrace.

Cheers to conventions: New friends, “old” friends, new technology, and inspirational moments!