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My Profession in Mourning

Posted By Tori Pittman

There’s a saying that if you find something that you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I must say, that’s how I feel about court reporting.

Our profession has many dedicated and passionate souls within it, and one of our bright lights for many years has been Anita Paul. She was a pioneer in the field and was doing realtime when realtime was in its infancy. She created a training program that was attended by many court reporters all across the country and she taught us how to improve our skill to become confident court reporters and how to attack realtime with a vengeance.

Sadly, Anita passed away recently from pancreatic cancer. In the days before her death, she posted on Facebook (with her phone number) asking people to contact her because her health was failing. So many people called her and talked to her while she was in hospice. The outpouring of love for this wonderful woman was a joy to behold and I hope it was a comfort to her; she was truly loved.

Anita was the embodiment of the powerful woman who empowered others, and she did it through the passion she felt for her (our) chosen profession. I have to wonder if ever SHE felt that she was working. I kinda doubt it.Godspeed, Anita, and may you forever shine your passion down on us.