Stenovate is the Tech for the Tech Challenged

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Stenovate is the Tech for the Tech Challenged

If you’ve met me, you know my challenges with tech. Heck, people take bets about when I can break a new piece of equipment or if I made the internet go down when they see “Down Detector” light up.  No joke.  Look on Facebook and you’ll see people making comments about my “gift”!

If you’ve ever wondered if I’ve broken the internet, here’s a link to DD.  

Are you “old school”?

I admit it. I prefer paper to-do lists and calendars to manage my deadlines and projects. But this tool, well, THIS tool has been a boon to my production management. I can see how many pages I’ve got in queue, when they’re due, and what stage they’re in at any point that I log in. 

Are you a first adopter or nah?

Oddly enough, despite my tech challenges, I’m a fan of trying new products. I’m often a beta tester for my CAT system.  And when Stenovate came on for beta, well, I and one of my reporters decided to try it out.  As with anything NEW and DIFFERENT, there will be speed bumps, but man, I was ready with my checkbook (okay, debit card – see? I can use tech) when Stenovate launched. 

Since that time, I’ve edited over 40,000 pages and done over 350 separate transcripts.  Since, I scope for another reporter, I’ve actually done more scoping than writing. How do I know all this?  It’s on my DASHBOARD.  My paper calendar can’t do this!

Tools for the non-techie

Honestly, I’ve never kept a tally running on jobs, but this is cool.  It’s the data I never knew I wanted, and I love visuals of my page backlog.  Plus, there are tons of built-in tools that make life easier for myself and for anyone I collaborate with in Stenovate.  Here’s a short list of my favorites: 

The shared “Workspace” – When you add a transcript to Stenovate, it automatically creates a “workspace” where you can add relevant details, upload files, track progress, leave comments, etc.  This removes the need for all the disjointed tools we normally use for collaboration, like email, Dropbox, Google sheets, and reduces communication time and friction.  It’s a true one-stop shop! 

Spelling Sharing – Yes, there’s a specific area for spellings inside each transcript workspace.   Way better than a Post-It note or a scribbled piece of paper that I took a picture of. 

Scoping & Proofing Job Board – Reporters, scopists, and proofreaders can easily connect in an internal job board.  Stenovate even sends custom email notifications, specific to my CAT software, when a reporter posts to the board.  Convenient. 

Ratings & Reviews – Unlike Facebook or other job boards, Stenovate’s accountability system is unparalleled.  Members can rate each other based on professionalism, work quality, and reliability, making vetting easy.  Stenovate already has over 300 reviews!  

Blog – This isn’t exactly a “feature,” but they have tons of educational and informative articles on their blog.  I enjoy a good read!

Support – Stenovate’s small support team has been extremely responsive whenever I’ve used the built-in support chat or emailed them at  If they don’t answer immediately, it’s almost always within 24 hours and usually much faster. PLUS, I just found out the support team is actually made up of two reporters (one is the founder), a scopist, and a steno student!  My people!

So, nope, I haven’t broken it – and I use it every day.  Despite my best efforts, Stenovate survives and thrives!

Try it. You’ll like it.

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