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Winning Strategies

Posted By Tori Pittman

I didn’t watch the Carolina-Gonzaga game. I couldn’t (physically couldn’t b/c we don’t have cable) and I can’t (because I can’t handle the stress), but I am a proud Tar Heel!

What I take home from the two Final Four games that UNC played is that a winning strategy can sometimes be hang on until the buzzer sounds. Free throws were the bane of Carolina’s existence both games. Scrappy teams who had big hearts and great talents were basically outlasted.The team NEVER gave up. Roy didn’t take his win for granted even though there were only 7 seconds left on the clock. More good strategy here – NEVER take your good fortune for granted.

For court reporters, having a winning strategy is important too. Building strong marketing platforms and programs (I’m working on it) and constantly striving to let your clients and your team know you appreciate them are critical to maintaining and growing your business.

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